Fix your baby’s false start bedtime and let them asleep

false start bedtime

Is it like that with you, too? You take your baby to sleep at night, and after trying for 10 to 15 minutes, you sleep him.

As soon as you put him on the bed, and sometimes you even take a little nap with a baby like my sister, which used to happen to me often while sleeping with the baby, and as soon as you look at the baby, what is this, the baby is also looking at you with sparking eyes after finishing his sleep. And those sparkling eyes are telling you that I have woken up.

I got it right!

I notice that my kids are ready to sleep from 6:00 pm to midnight, and studies show that our body’s sleep hormone, called melatonin, is active around this time. And children sleep peacefully at this time.

However, children’s sleep depends on their ability to wake up and sleep during the day. If the child sleeps at 3 o’clock in the day and wakes up at 4 or 5 o’clock, then think for yourself how they can sleep for the whole night at 8 o’clock.

Their melatonin is active after 6 pm. For some time, we as parents consider their little nap as sleep and put the child to bed or bassinet, from which he is once again refreshed and ready to wake himself and us up all night.

You need to know about the baby’s wake window by age

i took a picture of my my sister who taking a little nap herself trying to get her baby to sleep.

Fix your Baby’s false start bedtimes

  • Your baby is a newborn for late bedtime

A newborn baby’s bedtime starts at 10 pm and goes until midnight, so if you’re trying to get him to sleep at 7-8 pm, he’ll stay awake for a while, and then most of the time, the baby will wake up at night.

Keep sleeping and waking up. A newborn baby sleeps differently than other babies and toddlers. I recommend to you that you put your newborn to bed after 10 pm so he would wake up at night with a minimal gap.

you wanna know when does newborn stage ends to manage your newborn’s false start bedtime?

 Imp to know

Experts say children’s circadian rhythms develop at 8-12 weeks of age. Therefore, the sleep cycle of a newborn baby is challenging for new parents.

Making a slight change in a baby’s sleep can be calming for new parents struggling to get their babies to sleep early.

When the children finish the newborn stage and reach 6 or 7 months, you should set their bedtime at 7 pm.

  • Night feeding and diaper changing

Just as doctors recommend eating dinner two to three hours before going to bed, the same is the case with children; once you fix their sleep time, have their light dinner shortly before that.

First, babies often fall asleep while feeding, because some hormones are released from babies while drinking milk, so they calm down and make them sleepy.

Just like we work all day and nap in the break while watching our favorite podcast or show. This example that refreshes us will help you understand your baby’s false start bedtime sleep. Babies also take 10 to 20 naps while feeding, which recharges them.

Secondly, one of the biggest mistakes I see is that moms change their diapers after bed, leaving the baby upset and often crying or ready to start the night with full energy.

At night, the intestinal movement of newborn babies becomes much less, so there is no need to change their wet diapers repeatedly at night, and a little urine is absorbed in their diapers.

I have never repeated the mistake of changing the diaper after my baby sleeps. Always change the diaper before going to sleep.

Lastly, when it is time for the baby to sleep, do not try to make him burp too much. Just pat it lightly and stroke it very strongly so the child wakes up.

I am giving time to my baby after changing his diaper and feeding him at night so that he can sleep well at night.

  • Ignore the false bedtime start of crying at the purple hour

Most newborn babies who are two weeks old cry purple in the evening or at night. Also known as witch hour, it is a difficult time for parents because children do not shut up and cry continuously.

Parents think that the crying of children will decrease for just one or two days, but it continues to increase until the baby is eight weeks old and decreases when the baby reaches the age of four months.

You must understand that this purple cry is often a sign of tiredness in children. I used to try not to put my baby to sleep at such a purple time because it was supposed to start the baby’s false start bedtime.

I would let my baby play with a pacifier or myself to keep him calm, and sometimes, I even put my finger in his mouth. He tried to chew with full force in his gums and was quite calm. learn how to calm down a teething baby to sleep

calm down your baby at their witching hour

  • Changing the baby’s sleeping position frequently

Changing baby’s positions frequently after bedtime disturbs their sleep if you put them in their bassinet or a baby cart for the whole night. When placed on the bed or in their fixed place, babies wake up immediately and worry about where they are being moved because babies always want you. Not too dear. So, try to sleep the baby in its fixed place.

sleep your baby at their fixed place

  • Give them a quiet environment to sleep

I am always aware that every child is unique; it has its habits. Some children do not wake up even when the drum is playing, and some wake up from the bulb’s light or the TV.

You must understand your child’s habits and the environment in which he sleeps peacefully.

If your baby does not tolerate even a little noise, you should make it slightly dark and sleep in a quiet environment where the sounds reach less. This way, your baby will sleep deeply and for a long time.

I slept my baby at a quiet, little bit of light free at his fix placed to avoide his false start sleep at bedtime


If your baby is waking up after sleeping for 20 or 30 minutes, fix the baby’s false start bedtime with the tips mentioned above.

It is no less of a challenge for new parents, but with time, you will learn to calm your baby down. Keep in mind that it is time for babies to set their sleep times from the newborn stage until four months. So, Take care of yourself my lady.


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