How do you help a teething baby sleep? Advice for mom’s

how do you help a teething baby to sleep

Your little ones are away from all kinds of activity while sleeping, so they feel more pain. And it becomes difficult for you to handle this irritable child after the fatigue of the whole day’s work.
In this article, I will tell you how your baby will sleep comfortably.
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Soothe the gums

Soak a clean towel in cold water and gently massage it on the baby’s gum. Are there any other ways to calm a baby who is teething? It will numb the gums for some time, and the baby will get relief from teething pain read our guide on how long teething pain last and swelling and sleep comfortably at night.
Another way to soothe baby gum is to cut fruit slices, cool them in the fridge, and give them to the baby to chew.


Gently Press their gums

Clean your finger and gently press the baby’s gum.

Teething rings

A cold pacifier and teething ring are the other best options to relieve pain in your baby’s gum.

I give pacifier to my baby

Clean their excessive drooling

The constant flow of saliva from drooling can infect the baby’s chest by wetting. Try to clean it as much as possible or use bibs to avoid wetness.

Bedtime routine

Do not disturb the baby’s sleep routine due to his fussiness. Lack of sleep makes him more irritable.

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