How long does teething pain last? you’ll wish you knew sooner

how long does teething pain last

You have been waiting for months to see a little white pearl in your kiddo’s mouth and want to celebrate his/her first tooth ceremony.

But at that time, you are facing the hustle of the teething period with babies drooling, a little bit of fever, whining, sleepless nights, and between all of this thinking how long does teething pain last?

I experienced this hustle and before going further remember that it is just a tough time with a beautiful ending.

In this article, I answer your queries to make sure you calmly handle this teething pain period.

So, let’s get started!

When do babies start teething and what are the symptoms

Before knowing how long teething pain lasts, it is important to know when children start teething. every child is unique and has a journey. You must see that some children have a tooth at birth.

And some don’t have a single tooth for a year until they start taking their steps.

Usually, babies start erupting their first central incisor (middle teeth) at the age of six months, some children get their point teeth first. these baby teeth are called milk teeth.

But at the age of 18 months, if they don’t erupt any teeth get them checked by a pediatrician.

Symptoms that your baby is entering in teething period

Every child reacts differently to teething. Two of my children were calm during teething, but with the crying of the third, each of them knew his teething story.

Let us tell you bout some common symptoms that occur in almost all children.

  • Drooling

At this stage be ready to buy and keep a bundle of bibs cause your baby going to produce a lot of saliva. No, you can’t handle these crystal pearls (saliva) without bibs. This drooling effect rashes on your baby’s chin or chest due to wetness.

  • Fussiness/whining

There are the habits of some babies to cry and when it’s time to teething they cry a lot. you will remember those sore gums when your wisdom teeth come out.

And you will be restless, the same thing happens with children. That’s why your baby cries of hunger cause a milk bottle and nursing hurts his sore gums. Sometimes baby refuses to eat anything (literally thing) so don’t be worried about it. Keep trying to calm down and give liquid food.

  • Chewing

When the teeth come out, the gums get sore, For this reason, to try to relieve themselves babies pull on their cheeks and ears and some agitated babies start pulling on their hair it is the sign that new teeth to coming. clean their finger and massage the gums it will help to calm the child.

  • Change eating and drinking routine

Being parents is a lot of fun where you explore many new and strange things. One of them is your baby’s eating and drinking habits.

when you wonder if your baby has taken one bottle of milk after another and cries for more, on the other hand, you are going back and all of your efforts to fill his stomach are failing (it seems cute to think about all this now, but at that time I often started crying myself. And my hubby used to say that he has to take care of two children at the same time).

My lady! Don’t worry, you are not alone, all parents go through this, as soon as his tooth erupts, all his activities and strange behavior will be fine.

i play my baby to calm down his teething pain


Is the child’s fever due to teething?

You don’t need to believe the ancient times grand ma’s myth about fever that teething causes high fever, diarrhea, and sickness in your child. This mild fever you feel in your baby is your baby’s fight against teething. Read this article to learn how long teething fever lasts.

Yes, if teething fever is very high, then you need to go to the doctor.

Does the teething pain stop once the tooth cuts?

Yes, my dear! Your babies teething pain stop when his teeth erupt from the gum. Baby experiences this pain for two or three days.

Should I brush my baby’s teeth?

Yes, you can brush your baby’s teeth. Even if it is just one sparkling pearl, cleanliness is essential.

At which stage of teething do children experience the most pain?

The 25 to 33 months the time big molars erupt the teething stage is the most painful for children. because molars are larger than the rest of the teeth, they take more force to erupt other teeth.

How can I help my baby cut teeth faster?

you can help your baby by cutting his teeth faster to keep his pacifier in the fridge and giving the baby to suck this chill pacifier.

Is teething worse at night?

There is no special reason to bother the baby’s teething at night. However, during the day, the child does not pay attention to the pain because he is busy with different activities and does not pay attention to the pain.

But at night when he does not get any such activities, he feels pain. Try to distract him even at night so that he does not feel the pain.

What food helps your baby’s teething pain

Give mashed fruits, boiled veggies, curd, and electrolyte water to the teething baby.

Is my child losing weight due to teething?

In teething, you notice your child’s eating routine is disturbed, due to which the child’s weight also decreases.


The teething pain is a difficult stage for parents but this teething does not last for 2 or 3 three days for tooth eruption and the whole process is going to end when your child reaches 22 or 33 months so don’t rush things,  spend this time with patience and remember this phase ends soon.

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