When can baby sit in a high chair?

when can baby sit in a high chair

Hello! If you have recently introduced your baby to solid foods and want to make mealtime more enjoyable for both of you, transitioning your baby to a high chair could be a good idea. Not only does it allow you to place their food on the tray and enjoy meals together, but it also creates cherished moments you can remember forever. 

However, knowing when the right time to start using a high chair is essential. I suggest waiting until your baby has developed a firm grip on their head and neck, which typically occurs around four to six months but can vary for each child. It is because every child is unique, and their development can vary. By waiting until your baby has reasonable control over their head and neck, you can ensure they are comfortable and safe in their high chair.

It was a delight when I transitioned my four-month-old baby to a high chair. I had the freedom to feed him directly, and I could simply place fruits, veggies, or pancakes on the high chair tray for him to enjoy while I ate or worked. I noticed that my baby ate more and seemed to enjoy his food more in the high chair. While many children may resist sitting in high chairs as you look in this You tube short a cute little one resist to sit in the high chair.


 Pro tip

For the baby to be excited to sit in the high chair and eat, you can put some removable stickers and keep some activities that the baby can do only in the high chair before eating. This will make the baby excited to sit in the high chair. And if they put their finger full of food on the high chair tray or cover, let them do this art and don’t break their heart by scolding them.

What happens if the high chair is bigger than the baby’s size?

Sitting on a high or tiny bench and waiting for our turn, how tired and impatient we become. Soon, our turn comes, and we get up from that bench, and that fatigue lasts the whole day. The same happens with our children when their high chairs are more significant than their size, and they do not fit in their high chairs. They spend all their efforts to get themselves in the correct position and will not pay attention to food and eat without being full because of this effort. They start crying very soon until they are lifted from the high chair.

Signs that will help you understand if the high chair is too big for your baby?

The most important sign is that the child cannot see his food correctly. It has been observed that children who stay calm while learning to eat solid food enjoy eating later and do not show any aversion to eating at the slightest thing.

Second, his arms do not reach the tray. Baby’s arms make a 90% angle on the tray. The high chair tray should not be in the middle of the baby’s chest but slightly below it so they can see the food well.

Third, the child does not move around while sitting on the high chair but stays in his seat.  It has been observed that children who stay calm while learning to eat solid food enjoy eating later and do not show any aversion to eating at the slightest thing.

Fourth, The fourth sign is that your baby is sitting right in the middle of the high chair, not moving around.

my baby enjoy high chair after steps that i take

Follow my personal steps to adjust the high chair that your baby feel comfort

  • The height of the high chair should be such that your child’s arm reaches the top of the tray, only then he will be able to calm down and enjoy the high chair. If your baby’s height is smaller than the height of the high chair, then it doesn’t matter. Here I tell you my secret, by which I made the ratio of my baby’s height equal to the height of the high chair. Don’t be afraid, I did something terrible. I just took the cushion of my sofa and set it according to the width of the seat of the high chair and adjusted it with the seat. Before that, I took a towel and made a square fold equal to the width of the high chair, which made my baby’s height equal to the high chair.
  • You need to make sure that your baby’s back is getting proper support in the highchair. It is clear that his back is not getting a spot on the high chair. To support the baby’s back on the high chair, take a towel and fold it baby-fold and place it behind the baby’s back. This will give a support to the back of the high chair and the baby will sit on the high chair more comfortably than before.
  • The third step is that if the baby’s high chair is large in size, the baby should not slouch to one side of the seat, but stay in the middle. It can also get stuck in the throat. So you have to correct the baby’s sitting position, the best is the same. Yes, you are right, a towel will work here too, but here you need to be careful while keeping the towel and you have to take care that the towel does not touch the baby. Do not go above the ribs because if the towel touches the baby’s armpits, it will be a painful situation. And the child will suffer while holding the food.


High chair is good for babies to develop their motor skills and create a strong connection with food and while eating food with family table it also increase their vocabulary. when your baby have strong grip on his neck you can easily move your little one to the high chair, it also a big task  for you and your kiddo but give them a time to adjust in it.


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