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Hey! Mommies and daddies, are you looking for when your kiddo’s car seats expire or how long you used them? Some time ago, I used to do the exact search, and believe me, by searching, you only get information; understanding comes only from experience.
Do you remember when you bought the car seat before your baby was born and that precious moment of your little one’s first ride in the baby car seat when you brought him home from the hospital?
Of course, yes!
And after that, the car seat is used countless times. The car seat withstands the vehicle’s heat, cold, and shocks. Like any other product in our vehicle, using a car seat loses its strength and originality over time.
Many people are unaware that polypropylene material is used in baby car seats. Polypropylene is used daily in bumpers, bottles, jars, and yogurt containers. They all have expiry dates and are unsuitable after expiration.

Yes, the car seats are expired too. Car seats are usable for six to seven years after they are manufactured. The date marked on the car seat is only a guide, which indicates that your car seat will not retain its strength after this date.
In this article, I will share my experience and knowledge from the internet, which you will not find anywhere: when do car seats expire? And how long are car seats good for?
So, my folks, let’s get started!



Pro tip

Some car seat brands list the expiry date on the label to make it easier to remember. While some car seat manufacturers only write the date of manufacture.

I solved it by calculating the expiry date on the same label and writing it myself so that it would be repeatedly in front of my eyes.

Another thing that I noticed is that the expiry date of car seats in the UK is not affixed, so parents should call the company and ask for the date of manufacture.



how long are car seats good for


How long are car seats good for?

The average expiry date of car seats is six to seven years, which makes it weak due to the abovementioned reasons, so it is better to change your car seat on time to protect your child so there is no major accident.

When do car seats expire?

A question about car seats always comes to mind: why do they expire? Many people believe that companies conspired to sell their car seats, but this is not the case. So why does this happen,
Here’s your why and when:

  • The material loses its strength by using too much

Our child’s toys or shirts are in a different condition than when they were bought. Anything loses itsĀ  durability with time. The same goes for car seats. Children sit on it, jump on it, drop food, and by cleaning it, the material of the car seat gets damaged, which cannot protect the child like the first time.
You need to find out the story of your car seat.
Have you bought a car seat from a friend or thrift store to save money? If this is the case, replace it immediately. According to the report of the National Highway, the car seat becomes invalid in case of any minor or severe accident.

  • Car seat replacement parts

Before installing the car seat in the car, store the parts you don’t need right now in a plastic bag and label them (pads, inserts, harnesses) to find them when you need them. Many people do not protect these things, so the whole car seat must be changed.

  • Weakening of car seat plastic due to the heat of the sun

After a long cold winter night, the sunrise feels very relaxing, but in summer, it is scorching. They reach up to 10,00 degrees of heat, which damages our skin. car seat is hotter than the heat of the sun
outside. (If the temperature outside the car is 100-80 F, the temperature inside is between 172-130 F) The idler seat begins to deteriorate at 152-212 F.

  • Technology changes over time

Technology changes with time, and the old one is replaced by something more convenient and according to the requirements of the time. Take the mobile phone. With each new model, its functions are getting better than before.
Also, if I looked at car seats 100 years ago, I was afraid there was no safety. Thank God we are in this age where everything is perfect. There is a lot of strictness on the part of our government on car seats. Read when were car seats invented.

 i find a pic about100 years ago people use car seats for their kiddos


Do car seat bases expire?

Yes, the base of the car seat also gets damaged. Its expiration date is also six to seven years. If you have taken the base before or after the set, replace it when it expires if it has not suffered any accident.



Is it illegal to use expired car seats by the government?

Parents’ most frequently asked question is whether it is illegal to use expired car seats. Each state’s law is different from another. But it is not safe to use an expired car seat.
Are car seats suitable for seven years?
Yes, the car seat can be used for up to seven years if it has not been seriously damaged.

Do strollers expire?

Yes, my folks, strollers also have expiry dates, and as parents, we should keep in mind that strollers, boosters, car seats, and car seat bases expire after 6 to 10 years.
How do I know when my car seat expires?
You need to check the label given. The expiration date of the car seat is written on it. If it is not found in complex form, it can be asked by contacting the manufacturer.

How do I know when my car seat expires?

You need to check the label given. The expiration date of the car seat is written on it. If it is not found in complex form, it can be asked by contacting the manufacturer.

Are all car seats suitable for ten years?

Each brand has its own manufacturer and expiration date, but most prefer the 10 years, please check the label to confirm your brand manufacturer expiration date.

How long is a Graco car seat suitable for?

People also ask about the unknown brand, Graco, and how long their car seats are good for; they are also suitable for 6 to 10 years.

Why do car seats expire after five years?

Because of a lot of use, five years is a lot of time for any product to lose its strength.

What do you do with an expired car seat?

Please break and throw away the Expiry car seat, here is how to despose a car seat. just like I did with my car seats. Because everyone’s children are the same, it is essential to protect them all.
In 2021,1184 children were killed in car seat crashes in the USA; after hearing this news, I broke the expiry car seat.


The child’s safety is above all else; car seats deteriorate after six to seven years due to excessive use, so try to replace them around the expiry date.


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