What to do when my baby hates tummy time?

Baby hates tummy time

What’s up mommy, welcome; we will discuss tummy time in today’s blog. I know its a daunting task for parents when baby hates tummy time but keep in mind you are not alone in this journey. When I brought my first child, John, home from the hospital, I was eager that he learn everything  quickly. Being a first-time parent is a precious moment in life . I have read about the newborn stage when its end and what is the next stage , read all the stuff on Google and YouTube and watched many videos. But nowhere was there anything that was complete information. There was half incomplete information, but time teaches everything. My friends, family ladies (like granny, mummy, aunts and mother in law) told the methods and tricks of tummy time that I apply to my child, and after apply he cries so much as if I have tortured him. I hesitated for a long time about whether I should help him achieve his first milestone or leave it; he will learn himself when the time comes.

but what should I do about my mother guilt?😔So, I decided to write this blog on tummy time and help newly  mothers. In this blog I will teach you all the techniques I have learned from my eight years of motherly experience on three children. We’ll learn what tummy time is when it starts, and how we can make it enjoyable for our baby.

So, lets get started!

What is tummy time?

According to Wikipedia, tummy time is when babies spend their waking hours lying on their stomachs. This time is very important for ducks’ development; it strengthens their neck and trunk muscles. But my lady! Keep in mind that tummy time is not only important for newborns but also crucial for the development of older children.

Why your baby need tummy time?

When John was born, everyone around me like my mother, mother-in-law, friends, and I remember two ladies who met me at Target Store told me that tummy time is significant for your baby. This thing forced me to do research and I read the American Academy of Pediatrics  site’s researches and ask the mothers and pediatrics around me. After researching and asking the experts, I will tell you the most critical points everyone agreed on.

Here is the points

  1. Tummy time strengthens the neck, baby’s core muscles and upper body.
  2. Improves motor skills that play an important role in every baby’s growth. Tummy time is at the forefront of the crawling steps. Learn 7 steps of crawling how can you help your baby to achieve this milestone.
  3. Tummy time prevents flat spots on the back of the baby’s head.

What is the best time to start tummy time?

According to experts, you can start as soon as you come home from the hospital. But when you are a mother for the first time, you fear to holding your tiny baby . am I right?  At first, I start practicing to control over Jhon and after a week I thought that I was able to handle him. That’s why I started John’s tummy time about a week after leaving the hospital. but Mary and Jack( my other babies) used to practice for ten to fifteen seconds every day as soon as they came home from the hospital.

best time to start tummy time

How many times a day should I make my baby practice tummy time?

This is a common question that all mothers have when starting tummy time. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 15 to 20 minutes a day is enough. When I wanted John to try it after reading this study, he started screaming after only 5 minutes. Then, I decided to practice tummy time for a few minutes with each feeding window so the baby could strengthen his neck and head grip over time. Read what is wake window to  new born to 20 months wake window by age.

Me and my husband make the tummy time enjoyable fo different activities for our babies so they can less cry and enjoy that moment.

making tummy time fun

Is it normal for a baby to cry during tummy time?

Tummy time is difficult for babies. They feel a stretch in their neck and muscles while keeping a firm grip. And start crying. To make tummy time happy, I involved Jack in various activities. So that he can spend tummy time happily, like toys with lights and warm water in a bowl in which he can move his hands and be happy.
Jhon and Jack loved to play with water anyway. I tried my best to make the tummy time of my three children happy so that they enjoy this time. I gave the activities and toys of the tummy time only during the tummy time to keep their interest. for your convenience, I am attaching a screenshot of a Pinterest video in which baby enjoy his tummy time with ice tray. but keep in mind that babies loves to put everything in their mouth so you must be careful that your baby did not put ice cubes in the mouth. learn why do babies put everything in the mouth.

Baby enjoy his tummy time activity by playing with ice tray.

How long should a baby have tummy time after feeding?

I start tummy time at least 15 to 20 minutes after feeding my babies so that their food is digested to some extent and they don’t throw up. If children are not allowed to burp, they spit out milk or liquid food. Therefore, you should take a break of ten to twenty minutes after feeding your baby and let him burp. It will prevent the baby from becoming restless, and he will enjoy his tummy time better.

Why doesn’t my baby like tummy time?

It is the question that comes to us when we see our crying baby during tummy time. So don’t worry, my lady; you are not alone in this journey. All mothers go through this period and struggle. John gave me so much tough time during tummy time that I often cried. So, I can understand your worry and concern behind it. But don’t panic; you have to have a little courage and patience at this time. Tummy time is difficult for newborn babies for two to three months as the baby’s delicate muscles become stronger. Their neck, back, and stomach muscles are stiff; that’s why they cry at that time. But with daily gentle practice, your baby will get used to tummy time.

  • Towel support tummy time

This method was told me by my grandmother how she used to keep her children calm during tummy time. For the first time, he used to lay John on his stomach and put a towel under him. The method was such that the towel was spread around John’s body from under his arms and chest, and this surprisingly reduced John’s crying. The reason my grandmother told me is that by placing the towel under the child’s upper body, its weight is transferred to its legs. And he finds it easy to support his neck. Newborn babies get used to this position over time and when they are fully used to tummy time, you can remove the towel from under them.

  • Laying on your lap for tummy time

To get my children used to tummy time, I sit on my living room couch, lay them on their stomachs on my lap and gently pat their backs so that they feel relaxed. And to make a connection with the baby, I sing a lullaby.by using this sometime my baby try to sleep after completing their tummy time. but you want to learn about fix your babies false start bedtime and let them asleep. You can also raise one of your legs so that the baby’s chest is on your leg and the weight is shifted on the legs.

I put my baby on my lap for tummy time

  • Chest to chest tummy time

This is my favorite method in which I lie on my back and hold my baby on my chest. Oh my, all three children enjoy this time. And I have a special connection with myself with your baby. You can place two to three pillows under your back to support the baby’s neck and back. You can also help by holding their elbows so that they can support their neck.

i hold my baby into my arms to football position for tummy time

  • Football hold position for tummy time

In this position, I hold my baby in my arms so that you have the baby’s head on the elbow of my left arm and his chest on my hand and arm, and with the other arm, I put it between your baby’s legs. Hold the thigh. This position for tummy time is delightful for babies. I also give my babies a little swing in this position, and then their tickling laughs keep me in a happy mood for a long time.

i hold my baby into my arms to football position for tummy time

  • Exercise ball tummy time

Oh, this is very interesting. One day, John went out with his dad, and Marry was looking at me with great interest. It was her tummy time, so I came up with the idea why not make Mary’s tummy time exciting and I put her on my exercise ball with her head on top of the ball and her legs slightly down and the ball back and forth. And I knelt in front of Marry and started talking to her about John and Daddy. And then my two-month-old daughter began to answer me, “in her voice,” which meant she was at that moment—enjoying it


When it’s tummy time, start with just a few seconds; don’t put too much pressure on them initially so they start crying. Give everything time. If the baby does not like one method of tummy time, then adopt another method and adopt the method that the baby is comfortable with. Also, remember that all babies are different; if one likes one method, it is unnecessary. The other also adopt the same method. Ten seconds is enough in the beginning, and you can do it from one minute to two minutes later. For newborn babies, one to two minutes three times a day is enough, and you don’t need to go to any mother guilt. You are trying hard to strengthen their upper body and motor skills.

Up to three months of age, tummy time is one hour, which you can divide into different chunks depending on your baby’s mood. After that, tummy time is six minutes, which you must do in ten sessions daily. To make tummy time enjoyable for babies, you need to distract them from crying, whether singing a song like I did at tummy time and telling them I used to sing lullabies or even a funny mouth. Can make. I used to take my children to the park to enjoy their tummy time sometimes because the change of scenery improves their mood, and they pay attention to the people around them. You want to learn about what is the best for your babies to go outside pram vs stroller.

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