7 Stages of Crawling ( And How to Help Your Baby to Succeed this miloestone!)

7 stages of crawling

Hello folks Welcome, in today’s blog we will talk about the seven steps of a baby crawling, I remember when my first son John was three months old, I was very curious when John would learn to crawl and crawl. What will be the first step and what will be the second step? Due to my interest and curiosity, I had seen many articles and videos at that time, but none broke down all the steps in depth. Everything you will read in this blog will be the essence of my experience.

No one has done a step-by-step breakdown of what strength and skill a baby needs to crawl and what is the first step, so I decided to write about it and what will be discussed in this article is all mine. Baby John will be based on his first year of experience. Before starting the article remember a disclaimer that every baby is unique and your baby’s mileage may be different.

So let’s get started.

When were baby start to crawl?

Babies usually start crawling at the age of 6 to 10 months. Crawling is essential for the development of cognitive and physical abilities of children. My first son John started crawling at seven months while my daughter Mary showed no interest in crawling until she was nine months old and I was worried because she was only interested in holding furniture and standing. And after researching about it, I found out that crawling strengthens the hips, muscles and back of children. It makes children neurologically stable in their position and balance in movement. Apart from this, due to the practice of crawling, the right and left corpus callosum of the brain forms a strong connection with each other, which increases problem solving skills in the child.

Looking at John, I am sure that crawling makes children smart. And to be honest, we parents want our kiddos to be smart and strong to be successful in life.

What are the stages of crawling?

Here are seven stages of crawling while I believe that the process of development begins in babies from birth and they are ready to crawl and learn. From tummy time to assessing everything around them, they go through many challenges. Crawling allows babies to get anywhere freely. Until John started crawling, he would sit where I sat and watch me work with his sparking eyes, and as soon as he started crawling, his favorite hobby was to follow me to the kitchen, even when I was going to the washroom, to reach there and keep knocking on the washroom door until I came out.

As parents we have to understand at which stages how we have to support and encourage our child and how to keep our home safe. So let’s move on to the first step.

Pre crawling stages

Tummy time 0 to 7 months

Babies begin to develop from the time they are born John would try to lift his head and chest while lying on his stomach before the end of the newborn stage. learn when does new born stage end. By doing this, children’s back and shoulder muscles are strengthened. Children’s muscles are strong by rolling and pouting. I often wonder how nature develops a human being from a tiny one over time.

In the rocking stage, babies begin to rock back and forth on their hands and knees. You may have noticed that babies reach from one side of the bed to the other. Get ready for the stage.

the baby lying in his stomach to his tummy time.

As soon as you bring the baby home from the hospital, start giving him tummy time training. I made John start training after a week by placing a towel under him for some time. At first he cried as if I was torturing him, but after a few seconds he started lifting his head. And as soon as he saw his grip on his head was very fast. Just find time to do this exercise for 15 to 20 seconds every day

I used to keep a light and music toy for John and put a blanket under him. He used to run his hands and feet trying to catch this light. Just let him tolerate lying on his stomach for a while. This exercise prepares your child for the next stage of crawling.

I put jhon's favorite toy in front of him while doing tummy time exercise.

Early Crawling Stages

Scooting or Rolling over 4 to 6 months

In the scooting or tummy stage, babies begin to roll forward using their arms on their tummy. John learned to roll from belly to back. First from stomach to back and then from back to stomach learned the skill of both. He turns his head in this direction and keeps rolling until he reaches his target. And then he gets his favorite thing and plays to the fullest. But here you have to take care of cleanliness and be careful. What kind of thing is the child putting in the mouth. Read why do baby put everything in their mouth.

This YouTube video is the perfect example of how baby succeed rolling milestone.

Commando Crawling

In commando crawling, the child’s upper body is strengthened as they crawl on their stomach with the help of their arms, which is very beneficial for motor skills

Advanced Crawling Stages

Sitting up 5 to 7 months

The child’s sitting strengthens his back muscles and supports him in keeping his neck straight, by which he sits and moves his hands and feet. John had learned to sit well at the age of six months, meaning I was not afraid that he would fall if I sat him on the couch. John was very interested in sitting and playing with his favorite toys.

some of jhons favorite activities in the sitting stage

Army Crawling

According to all previous stages, when your child has learned many tricks to move forward and strengthened his muscles, back and neck, all those challenges are now useful for him. He gets up and lifts his stomach a little and starts moving his one leg and arms forward. This is the time when I used to see John crawling behind me very lovingly.

Hands and Knees 7 to 10 months

Children at this stage lift their belly off the floor and put all their weight on their arms and knees. Over time, this skill is mastered and the speed of crawling increases. Some ducks enjoy the curling period and Everyone learns to get off the bed, get off the sofa. This is a point of pride for growth and development parents. In John’s crawling stage, I put all shoe plugs and medians out of his reach. Install child locks on cabinet doors.

in crawling stage jhon reaches the electric switches


All children are different and develop at their own pace. Children’s growth and development starts as soon as they come home from the hospital. Help them in their tummy time and further stages. With your help and encouragement, the child will emerge as a confident personality.

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