How long does teething fever last? Parents need to know

how long does teething fever last

Few know that every child is born with 20 primary teeth hidden in the gums; in the next two or three years, they completely erupt. We see this process as teething, which is notable.

Each child goes through this process 20 times. These teeth come out for the first time in 6 to 7 months. Usually, children suffer from a fever during teething.
The teething period is stressful for parents, whether they become parents for the first time or the second or third.
I will tell you all that I have learned from the teething experience of my three children.

Many questions cause them to worry, like when teething causes fever and how long it lasts. How bad is it, and what kind of treatment does the case require? And which ways should be adopted to calm the child?

If  you have any questions and concerns stay with me, so lets get started

How long does teething fever last?

Normally, teething fever lasts for two or three days. Children between four and seven months of age start teething, and the tip of the tooth begins to appear. This stage is happy and challenging for parents, so they should spend this time with courage and understanding.
There is no scientific evidence that fever is necessary during teething, but the teeth come out by tearing gums, which causes inflammation in the gums.
The opening of the gums allows temporary bacteria to enter the child’s blood, and this fever can also occur in the form of the child’s defense against the bacteria. If the teething fever is high, pain-relieving medicine should be given. And try to provide the baby with liquid or soft food at this time which is easy to chew.
There are various symptoms of teething, including fever, irritability, picking up and throwing things, anger, hitting the head with something, hot head, diarrhea, and weakness.

Remember that all these effects will end when the child is 24 months old, and his 20 teeth, ten upper and ten lower, will be completed.

Does teething cause fever? Is it a reality or myth

No its not reality, When you become a parent, there’s a lot of advice and stuff you hear that has no actual research behind it, a teething fever that passes down through generations with title to no research. Research has shown that during teething, a baby’s body temperature changes slightly, but not so much that it causes a fever of 104 or 105 degrees. There is another disease due to which so much fever is happening.



 Imp to know


In Brazil in 2011, 47 children were examined daily for 8 months,

they felt the temperature in the children on the day of tooth eruption and the day before, but this temperature was not at the level of fever.


Teething children put their fingers in their mouths, picking up any fallen objects and putting them in their mouths, which can introduce bacteria into the child’s blood, causing fever. Read our guide on how long does teething pain last
Simply put, all of this transfers harmful germs that cause infection into the baby’s body. Fever works against those germs to keep your baby’s teeth healthy. I am sure after knowing the reason; your worry will decrease. Worrying about anything is more until the cause is known. After learning the cause, it becomes easier to handle.

Break teething fever to calm your baby

If the fever is above 102 or 103, see the doctor immediately, and if it is below that, you can follow the methods I used for my children and find them calm.
Bathing the baby with lukewarm water makes the baby feel calm and reduces the stiffness caused by fever. But remember that the water should neither be too hot nor too cold.
Soak clean water in lukewarm water and gently massage it on the baby’s body.
Clean your finger and rub it very comfortably on the baby’s gum; it will reduce the pain of the baby’s teeth and make him sleep easier.
Please do not put too many clothes on your child even when they feel cold.
Give them electrolytes and fluids to drink.

my niece sleep comfortably during her teething fever ,follow my gudence


How long does molar teething fever last?
The age of molars in children is 13 to 19 months. As molars are more complex and larger than other teeth, they are more painful when they erupt. Children feel discomfort and are restless, but I have not found molar fever in my children for more than 2-3 days like other teeth.

Can teething cause fever for five days
No, teething fever does not last more than 2,3 days; if the fever lasts more than these days, then that fever is not due to teeth; if there is another infection, contact the doctor immediately.
What kind of fever comes with teething
My teething experience with all three kids was easy and calm; they didn’t bother me too much. When I felt their body warm and checked their temperature, it was up to 98 or 99. Only the third child had a fever of 100. There is no danger; it happens in teething. So, a fever of 99 or 100 in teething is expected, so there is no need to worry extra.

How long does teething fever last in toddlers

The time of fever during teething is the same in children and toddlers. 1 or 2 days starting one day before teething and lasting till the next day.


The period of teething is also the time when parents get disturbed along with children and have to take care of children more. Along with taking care of children’s teeth, they also take care of the cleanliness of their hands and their mouth.

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