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flying with baby

Hello mom! Hope you enjoy your motherhood, buy car seats, and plan to travel with a car seat, Oh, why do I address only mothers every time, it happens to dads too, because until now, only mothers have asked me for advice, and are worried about the children, I managed it by myself and my hubby just acted as a helper and yet the first word my kids said was dada, oh how shocked and a little bit jealous I was. (haha)

I watched a Kylie Jenner video. In which she was asking Stormi who she loved more and Stormi replied Daddy.

Little kiddos, aren’t you doing something unfair to your mothers? 😬

So lovely parents, are you planning to travel by airplane with your little one and stressed how to manage him during the trip? How to travel with a car seat in an airplane seat,

Don’t worry about how to manage it on the plane seat if you are thinking all this and are so worried about your baby’s safety, I salute you for being responsible.

When traveling with children, whether it is a car seat or a plane seat, the first thing in the discussion is how to set the car seat safely so that the child travels comfortably.

If your air travel is not stressful, then you must plan how to bring the car seat to the airplane seat or how to make your flying with the car seat.

I’ll give you the most important tips on how to flying with the car seat on an airplane to make your trip easy according to my experience.

So, let’s get started!


Tips for bringing your car seat with you on an airplane


1. bring your car seat with you on the plane

I understand the confusion on handling all the luggage and the newborn’s car seat is a difficult task. But if you’re bringing a car seat, it saves you from having to carry the baby on your lap for the entire airplane travel.

Your little one does not sit on the lap for a long time, they get tired and irritable. And we also get tired of sitting the child on the lap for more than half an hour.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)and the American Academy of Pediatrics also say that if your baby is not safe in your lap, strap him firmly into his car seat to avoid a serious situation at high speed on the runway of the plane.

Babies are familiar with the car seat because they have been sitting in it many times before, so the car seat is the best option for air travel. I have added a YouTube video that explains how you can install a car seat in an airplane. You must watch it once, by the way, the airline staff will also help you, but you should see.


2. Traveling on an airplane with a car seat according to the child’s age

Free flights can be requested from the airline for children aged two years or below, but if you are not on a budget, my sincere advice is to book a separate seat for your little one.
If your little one is a toddler who jumps around all the time, it is better not to put him on your lap and pay for a separate seat so that you can travel in peace. Because you have a baby in your lap, and no one can stop him from molesting the person sitting next to him.
And how long will the people around bear it?
Then, it is better that you buy a separate seat for your baby, attach the corset to it, and enjoy the journey comfortably.
In my experience, three-year-olds can sit comfortably in their airplane seats, but a car seat would still be best; I have noticed from my many short and long flights that children are more comfortable in a car seat. And stay in place.

my baby sleep while flying

3. Do thorough research about your airline

Do your research before committing to your air travel with a car seat. When I was to fly with my child, I had made it clear during the booking that I would bring the car seat with me, but the staff forgot at that exact moment.

Then, it was the first flight, and I only had a little particular information, so after that, on every flight, I confirmed in writing with the staff and confirmed again 24 hours before the flight.

My point is that you should also double-check, and if you have booked your baby with a car seat, make a proper confirmation with your airline.

Bring Car seats in airplane calculation is different in every country; for example, in the USA, airlines allow people to bring car seats.

research your airline

4. Minimize the luggage you are bringing onboard
Try to bring as little luggage as you can when you’re flying with a baby; this makes the boarding process much easier and focuses less on the luggage and the baby, as little ones would be fussy on the journey anyway. There are very few children who give pin drops in silence.

5. Plan baby snacks

If you feel like your job is done after putting the baby comfortably in the plane car seat, stop my lady!

No matter how comfortably the children are sitting, they need something for entertainment.

So, you should keep one or two toys of your baby’s choice along with some snacks with lights so that your baby’s journey will be happy.

6. Take a window seat

When traveling with a baby, make sure you have a window seat facing or behind the emergency row. Confirm this with the staff. I realize that babies enjoy more on plane window seats.

take a window seat

7. Best options for taking a car seat on a plane

 Carrying a car seat to the airport is hard work, baby, and handling all the luggage together is even more difficult when you are alone with your baby. So I am telling you the options to avoid all this tension.

  • car seat bag

A car seat bag is the best option to store a car seat in air travel, in which you can easily put your car seat. The belt on the back of the car seat bag helps you carry the car seat.
Here I show you how the corset bag looks so that you can buy it and it will be easy for you.

car seat bag

  • car seat belt

Another option is the car seat travel belt, I like it more, it eliminates the extra burden on the shoulders. Keeping a corset with your luggage while traveling by air is comfortable. Its length is about 68 inches and it easily wraps around luggage and car seats.

car seat belt

  • car seat cart

The third option is the car seat cart, on which you can easily keep your heavy corsets at the airport while traveling by air and keep them safe while flying.

car seat cart

8.Check it carefully

Keep your car seat in its box with as much padding as possible to keep your car seat safe during air travel and be sure to take a photo before checking the car seat so that you have it if it doesn’t work out. Have evidence and we know how to deal with lost goods.

9.Find your car seat airline approval

American airplane seats will have a small red sticker with many stickers stating that this restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and airplanes. Also separate for the harness mode and booster node. will tell from It is very beneficial to bring your car seat manual with you. But please get confirmation from the staff once while attaching the corset to the seat of the plane. Because baby safety is our first priority.
I found the car seat sticker but when I took my booster seat I had a hard time finding the sticker which the staff guided me to and told me it was about the booster seat and the harness. It is for the seat but not for the booster seat.


Believe whatever tips I have given you will be useful for you. The most important thing while traveling with a car seat in an airplane is the health of the baby.




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